Sadly, I must announce this is one of the last posts on this blog. As the school semester comes to a close, so does this blog. I have had a blast writing about the dogs around Nashville and would love to continue this blog in the future, time permitting. But for now, I have to go on a hiatus because searching for a job is a lot more time consuming than I anticipated.




However, the dogs I have posted about have brought me so much happiness in these past few months. It is very true that dogs can raise your serotonin levels. Each time I have greeted a dog or spent a considerable amount of time with one my mood has increased significantly. So I hope that through these blog posts I have been able to convey a sense of joy and personality through each dog’s story.

Ultimately, I hope my intent of spreading the joy of dogs was achieved, and that dogs can continue to make such a positive impact in my life.


K9 Hiking

One of the greatest things about Nashville is its location. Not only can you travel East and reach the Great Smoky Mountains, but you can drive an hour and be at a waterfall. Hiking is definitely one of the most fun active things you can do in Tennessee. And even better that it is an activity you can enjoy with your dog!

Most hiking spots outside of Nashville permit dogs to be on the trails. Shelby Bottoms and the Warner Parks both allow dogs on their trails. Make sure your dog is leashed though, otherwise you won’t be allowed to take them onto the trails. Fall Creek Falls, Cummins Falls, and Burgess Falls are other state parks with waterfalls that allow dogs. Cummins Falls also is a great place to take your dog swimming if they are into that!





Sweet Charlie

Hello! Let me introduce you to Charlie! Charlie is a 3 year old Wheaton Terrier! Charlie is known for being one of the most social dogs in his neighborhood. He loves to play with anyone, human or animal. Yes this includes cats. Charlie has been known to try to play with cats (friendly of course) but they never seem to want to play with him. Aside from the cat Oats, who occasionally comes to lay on the porch of Charlie’s home.




One of Charlie’s favorite foods is peanut butter. But what dog doesn’t love peanut butter? Specifically straight off of the spoon. It’s pretty funny to watch him constantly lick his lips because of the peanut butter’s consistency. Charlie also loves to roll around in any grassy spot. This could range from hills, to front yards, to dog parks. He just is always having a good time. Another interesting thing Charlie likes to do is to sniff flowers. Most of the time, this makes him sneeze. Which is also quite funny. Sweet Charlie.


Next time you are at the part look out for the dog rolling around in the grass! It could be Charlie!

Chihuahuahuahuah !!

What’s up with this pup?

Hello! Let me introduce to you Lucy, the long haired Chihuahua! Lucy is 5 years old, but still acts like a puppy. Like a lot of small dogs, Lucy likes to think she is the size of a Great Dane and could take on any dog that approaches her. She is very outgoing, always barking and wagging her tail at any dog that approaches.


One of Lucy’s favorite things to do is sit on by the window in the front room of her house. Here she has the ability to see anyone who crosses in front of her home. She makes for a funny guard dog with her high pitched bark. At least whoever is in the house will know when someone is approaching!




One of Lucy’s most visited spots is Centennial Park. Although she is small, she loves to walk around the park and gaze up at the sky. While greeting everyone else of course. Lucy does like to bark, so if you ever run into her don’t be surprised if she lets out a cute high pitched yap!




Doug the Pug

Welcome back !

So far, the dogs that have been introduced onto this site have been Nashville common residents. However, there are many famous pups that live in town. The most famous is Doug the Pug.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.58.55 PM.png


If you know Doug the Pug, then you would know him from his Instagram profile. His Instagram currently has over 3 million followers, his Facebook page with 10 million likes, and his Twitter with 2 million followers. Doug has certainly become one of the most recognizable social media animal celebrities since his account began in 2012. His owner, Leslie Mosier, adopted Doug in 2012. Since then, Doug’s rise to fame has been rapid.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.04.42 PM.png


Doug’s social media is based around him doing things, wearing outfits, and traveling. Almost every post contains a photo of Doug either in a themed outfit or in front of a famous landmark. Doug has traveled to many cities around the world including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Barcelona. Not only has Doug traveled, but he has also met some pretty cool people including Troye Sivan, the cast of Stranger Things, and Joe Jonas. Doug sure does live the life!


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.05.34 PM.png


Doug’s residence is in Nashville. Many of his social media posts are from locations on 12th South! Maybe one day you will catch him out! He has multiple photos with Five Daughters Donuts, which may be a favorite spot of his. Sweet Doug, your social media profiles are such a gift to us.

Follow Doug here:


National Pet Day

National Pet Day!

WOW! What a day. A day purposely devoted to our pets. Whether your pet be a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, snake, or any other animal, they are worth celebrating today! Ways to celebrate your pet on this occasion: post a photo or multiple photos of them to your social media site, take them on a walk, give them treats, or just enjoy their company!

Here are some pets that you may remember from past blogs that are being celebrated today:













If you want to celebrate National Pet Day but don’t have a pet, maybe today is the day to adopt! Make sure to go to local shelters when looking to adopt an animal! Nashville Humane Society is a great place to start searching for a dog or a cat!

Happy National Pet Day!



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Furry Friends

Hello everyone! While I know you are probably eagerly awaiting an introduction to another dog of Nashville, this week I am switching it up. Instead of a dog, I’m going to introduce you to a different furry friend.


Meet Honey the black cat! Honey may or may not be this cat’s name, but he is known for hanging out around Local Honey on Belmont Boulevard. Named after his temporary residence, Honey can be found around noon hanging out on the Local Honey side roof. Other locations Honey is often found: in front of Local Honey, on the Bongo Java porch, in the bushes that are between Local Honey and Bongo Java.




Honey isn’t very fond of humans, but probably because they are constantly being loud and trying to get him to play with them. Maybe one day Honey will be more friendly, but for now he’s just going to hangout on the Local Honey roof. Make sure to look out for him next time you’re on Belmont Boulevard! He has short black fur with bright green eyes. He probably will run away from you, but at least you will catch a glimpse!





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